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In the non-fiction category, documentary is one of the best genre for video content. But In India and most of the world, documentaries are the most under-rated content category. In other parts of the world, documentary films are gradually catching up but in India there is hardly any hope in near future. There are many challenges for a documentary filmmaker in India -- funds, distribution and then the viewers. For a documentary filmmaker, to find solution to these three problems is a huge challenge. Even if the filmmaker is able to solve these problems for one of his videos, he has to repeat the cycle each time.

Documentary filmmakers have been able to add very limited number of films to their kitty. After gaining experience, many documentary maker produce films for awards and receptions since that is the only way for survival in the industry. They lose hope of reaching the viewers. When Youtube picked up there was a hope that documentary films can grow in India. But it did not happen. If you search for documentary films from India on Youtube, the difficulty to find and number of views suggest that documentary films hasn't reached anywhere. Even Vimeo did not work for India as it could only build niche creator community and did not succeed in reaching mass viewers.

The answer to push documentary films is via Internet. There is no doubt about it but question is how and which model can solve the three problems (funds, distribution and viewers) for a documentary maker. Distribution and viewers are two different challenges, especially in India, because viewers do not consider documentary as mainstream or popular category and it discourages journalists, young creators, presenters and even sponsors to produce documentary films on medium or high scale. So even when documentary is distributed to viewers, they often do not watch. Igniting the demand from viewers is also one of the challenges in India.

So what is the real solution here?

Answer is to keep trying until we make documentary films mainstream or popular category. PipeCast is committed to make this happen. We want to disrupt this industry. At PipeCast Colab, we are trying to connect more and more documentary makers so that with the help of networking and collaboration they find a way to produce their project. We are also trying to connect potential sponsors (organizations or institute) who are willing to produce/fund documentaries. And for distribution and viewer demand, we are coming up with a streaming platform PipeCast Stream where documentary category will be our main content category. ( Read more about upcoming streaming platform here)

So if you are a documentary maker who wants to produce science, technology, history, social issue or hard-hitting journalistic and investigative documentary, connect with PipeCast. Sign-up on PipeCast Colab, a collaboration platform for video creators and create your documentary project page to pitch in your idea with other creators. It helps you to build a team which can help you to produce your next project. And if you have already produced documentary films or just created one and looking for distribution, we have interesting news for you. Our streaming platform is coming up soon and you can launch or re-release your content as Premier Launch (Release). Here, you can upload and distribute documentary in both paid or free model and you can even ask for funds for your next documentary projects based on your current work. The account is free for creators, meaning uploading and hosting is free. Also, the rights of the content will belong to the creator (always!).

We are trying to build a model to democratize content distribution but with stable model for creators to get revenue. It is neither licensing nor advertising model , it is a simple model where viewers and creator make deals directly.

So visit PipeCast Colab and Sign-up today to be part of a mission to build stable documentary industry in India.

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