How does a Project work at PipeCast Colab?

Hello Creators, In previous series of post we introduced Project here link to post. Now we would like to explain how it actually works and how to use it to get the best results.

Those who don't know what is PipeCast Colab, it is Video Project Collaboration Platform where creators can start their video projects (show, series, documentary, etc) and find other creators for collaboration or join other projects . Sign up here. You may also like to read why create an account at PipeCast Colab?


Creating Project is the first step. Creating Project means sharing your idea in the form text, image or video with the community. Create Project to enable a page for you which has different options and tools.

Most important thing in creation of projects is to share as much information as possible about your project. You can edit and update these details later but sharing some details on what you want to produce or what you are working on is important for other creators to decide whether they find your project interesting or not!

Many a times you may not be comfortable sharing about your video projects but it would not help anyone as the idea of Colab is to share information and find interesting creators for collaboration. Idea itself is not enough, a team and execution is crucial, so be open about it and share.

So add idea or plot, add details (type, category, genre), add intro image (cover image), add intro video or teaser if any, add images & videos, and add initial collaborators who you know personally and are already working with you.

How will this help you?
  • Creating a project will give an identity to your idea or current ongoing work that you are involved in. Now, anyone who is interested in your project can connect with you and offer a collaboration and you can find other creators and ask for collaboration.

  • Very soon, you can pitch your project to potential sponsors/funders, for which you will need a Project with all information and updates at our Platform.


After creating your project and adding details, next step is to find creators who you find interesting or who fit-in in your team criteria.

Finding creators and adding them in your team is called as Collaboration. So any creators become part your team or any creators who help or play a crucial part in your project that creator will know as collaborator.

What is a Collaboration Request?

At Project Page you will find a button called ‘Colab’ & ‘Ask to Colab’ It is a button that sent collaboration request.

It is the request that you send to creators (if you are a Creator of a project) to ask them for collaboration. Similarly, if some creators are looking to join some project for collaboration and find a project which is interesting enough, the creator can send a collaboration request to creator of the project.

It is recommended to have a discussion via message and verify the profile before accepting any request to avoid any trouble in the future.

There are two ways to find collaborator for your project --

1- Find Creators Yourself via Find Creators or Suggestions.

It is a great way to start things. In find creators, you have an option to "Ask to Colab". Or if you find a random profile of a Creator and you like the profile then ask to Colab or message that creator and start discussion for collaboration.

2 - By engaging with community (explained later in this post)

How will this help you?

Producing content is a team game and to find creators who can help and work with you as a team in your project will mean half your work done.


It is the most important part of creating a Project. Updating about your project via posts, images and videos will help other Creators to reach you and vice-versa.

Other creators can follow your project to get updates and give you feedbacks on your progress. The more followers you have, more easily your posts & updates can reach to different communities. So if you have some urgent need or requirement you can post it and you may find response in no time. Number of followers are also an indicator of project popularity.

Posting progress and updates about your project will help you get quick feedback on your work. Update as a post(text), images and videos.

Most important part of engagement is to reach out to creators who could be your collaborator. Initially, many creators will follow your projects to get to know about you, your project and other collaborator and if you constantly engage followers, then some of your followers may join you as collaborators.

How will this help you?

Pushing engagement and increasing the number of followers will help to get more reach to creators, which help to build a team and receive constructive feedback.



You can connect with potential sponsors/funders on the platform via Project page. Sponsors will see your project - so the project with complete information, collaborators and followers will have a better chance to connect with sponsors. Learn more here - How Sponsorship works for video creators here

How will this help you?

This process will help to send sponsorship request directly to potential sponsors/funders.


You can launch (release and distribute) your original series, show or documentary via PipeCast Stream. Learn More here - How Video Streaming Platform Works ?

Option to Launch Video is available on the Project page from where you can activate your creator panel (dashboard) to upload your videos and manage your uploaded video content.

How will this help you?

Launching means uploading video to distribute to viewers across the globe via PipeCast Stream.

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Team PipeCast