How Pipecast Stream Works ? How to Upload ?

Hi Creators , If you reading this post then probably you are interested to know how Pipecast works for free and paid ( pay to watch mode) content streaming and how to start. Here we simply explained everything

Pipecast stream is a video streaming platform for web original. A platform to discover and watch the original online show, series, documentary, flicks available only on the internet(web).

Upload Web Originals

Distribute Web or Online Originals ( free or paid content ) in the format of show, series, documentary and flicks of Minimum total duration of 25 minutes in Language of Hindi and English. Total duration means total length of videos or episodes.Learn More

Free and Open Platform

Free sign-up and uploading. It is 100 % Free. No complex terms or hidden policy. We are ad free platform and puts no ads, no mandatory sign-in or subscription for viewers. Anybody can discover and watch content at Pipecast. We do not use free content for our own commercial purpose or force sign-up or upload it on the third party platform. Free streaming only purpose is discovering new viewers at Pipecast to build core viewership. Also, you can start, update or stop streaming anytime. All data & content that you uploaded belongs to uploader

Even for Paid Content Streaming , it is free and the creator gets 100% revenue. Learn More How paid content distribution works ?

Discover Viewers

Our platform help creators to find viewers who are genuinely interested in endorsing the genre that your Originals are offering. This generates an opportunity for you to create a fan-base and core-viewership which will follow your future videos and upcoming originals irrespective of platform. It is a great way to build a brand as creator. Learn More

Get 100% Revenue (Only For Paid Originals)

For Free Content Distribution, we don't have any revenue model so the core purpose of a platform for free content streaming is to discover new viewers and build fan-base & core viewership for your Original Series. We do not acquire exclusive or non-exclusive rights from creators or offer any exclusive partnership. It is an open platform where you have control on your data All we offer a platform for discovering viewers and it is 100% free.

For Paid content distribution on Pay to Watch Mode (Vod/Rent Video), Get 100% Revenue on every transaction Learn More How paid content streaming works at Pipecast

Fast & Simple Uploading Steps

Start Streaming in few hours Very easy to start. Sign-up, upload, set release date , set price (if paid) and done. After quick review (to match our content policy), video will be live.

Steps Explained for Uploading

Sign-up & Click Upload Video

Screenshot below

Create Creator Account

Screenshot below

Add Project (Original) Details

Screenshot below

Upload Episode/Video with Video description

Screenshot below

Manage Projects (Originals) & Videos from Creator Panel

Screenshot below

Upload/Add More Videos/Episodes

Screenshot below

Make Original Paid & Set Price

[Learn More How Paid Distribution Works]( Screenshot below

Get Analytics

Screenshot below

So Let's start , Signup and start uploading Go to Pipecast

Not sure and have some query or questions about or anything , please send us an email at or chat with us right now here where chat option available at bottom right of screen

You can read FAQ and Policy here

To know more about Prime (Paid) content streaming mode, follow this link

But for free content streaming , it is very simple. All you need is to start uploading. No Complex sign ups, no forms or terms. It's a click and its done ! So start now and give trail for few months

Team Pipecast

You can Learn more about us as Pipecast (organization & team) and about Pipecast Colab and Pipecast Stream Here