How Sponsorship works at COLAB - For Sponsors ?

COLAB is video project collaboration platform.

If you are a Production Company (individual or studio), Business/Brand or Organization and looking to sponsor (fund/acquire/produce) original video projects (online show, series, documentary etc) then consider joining COLAB as a Sponsor, and find interesting ongoing video projects to invest in. Learn More at -

If you are a creator looking for sponsorship(funds) then please sign up at COLAB as creator, start project and create a personalized sponsor pitch to connect with potential sponsors worldwide. Learn More

If you are a sponsor please continue to read

Here are at COLAB, Sponsor is collective term that represent Production companies, Individual financiers, Business, Brands, Original Products, Organizations looking to expand the public’s awareness of what they represent. Anyone interested in finding a new, creative means of funding/acquiring/producing or partnering with video creators for financial or promotional purposes can benefit from COLAB. At COLAB, Sponsors Account is different from Creator Account.

How it works for Sponsors?

Step 1 - Sign up as an accredited and create your personal Sponsor profile -
Step 2 - We then verify your details and activate your Sponsor Account from our end
Step 3 - After activation, you can explore projects and exchange messages with project originators that you find interesting or investment worthy
Step 4 - You will also receive Pitches from projects that find your sponsors profile interesting
Step 5 - If you find an interesting project, start discussions about working together, and set the terms for sponsorship to take your collaboration to the next level.

COLAB provides an online platform to explore interesting ongoing video projects for funding. We do not participate in the process between creator & sponsors. Both creator and sponsor connect independently to finalize all sponsorship terms. We just provide an efficient platform and the necessary tools to easily communicate and speed up the process of networking.

Some of important pointers

It is free

COLAB is 100% free. There are no hidden fees or any sponsorship cuts for any projects which get funded via COLAB. Ever. It’s free for both sponsor and creators!

It is Independent & transparent

Creator and Sponsor are independent on our platform, and communicate independently. There are no sponsorship terms, legal clauses or governmental regulations defined or enforced by COLAB. Our system is a totally open and transparent platform. All data and Information available between content providers and potential sponsors using COLAB is user generated.

It is between Creators & Sponsors

We do not participate or play a role in any sponsorship related communications between creators & sponsors; neither before funding, nor after funding. Both parties are independent and communicate independently...which is a win-win for both those looking to sponsor a deal, and those looking to promote their propriety content and finally fund their dream projects.

And at last

It is easy to use

Create Account as Sponsorship

Complete Profile

Explore Projects & Connect

Navigate Project's Pitch

Receive Pitches from Projects

Exchange Messages with Project

So Start here and create your sponsor account -

Still Not sure ! Please chat with us in real time. Option available at bottom right of the screen.

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