How Sponsorship works at COLAB - For Video Creators ?

Pipecast COLAB is a video project collaboration platform.

Are you a video creator/producer, film-maker or documentary-maker and looking for funding for your ongoing (under production) or completed video projects like Original Series, Show, Documentary, feature flick ? Join COLAB and find sponsorship (funding) opportunities. Learn More

At COLAB, you can find potential sponsors profile and pitch your video project directly to sponsors in few clicks, exchanges messages and start discussion to take communication to the next level.

It is easy and 100% free. No sponsorship cuts or fees even if you find sponsorship/funding from COLAB platform.There are no hidden terms.It is open and transparent platform.

How it Works ?

Step 1 - Sign-up at COLAB and complete your individual creator profile
Step 2 - Create Project Page for your Video Project.
Step 3 - Add all details about Video project.
Step 4 - Create Sponsors Pitch for sponsors which are only visible to verified Sponsors.
Step 5 - Browse Sponsors profile and Pitch your project
Step 6 - If Sponsors accept your pitch request then start a discussion and take it to the next level.

Some of the important pointers

Sponsors are independent at COLAB

At COLAB, Sponsor is a collective term that represents Production companies, Individual financiers, Business, Brands, Original Products, Organizations looking to expand the public’s awareness of what they represent. Anyone interested in finding a new, creative means of funding/acquiring/producing or partnering with video creators for financial or promotional purposes termed as Sponsor at COLAB. At COLAB, Sponsors Account is different from Creator Account.

All Sponsors at COLAB are independent and do not have any business connection or partnership with Pipecast Colab. We do not have any special service or offering to facilitate sponsorship for creators or sponsors. Creators and Sponsor connect directly and finalise sponsorship deals independently. We just provide online platform and communication tools.

Sponsors set terms independently

There are no predefined sponsorship terms set by COLAB. Every Sponsor has their own terms and COLAB do not participate or play any role in sponsorship agreement between creators and sponsors

Sponsors are verified

Sponsors at Colab are verified. We do basic verification to check the authenticity of the sponsors. We verified sponsors based on the information that sponsors provided at the time of account creation. All Sponsor at COLAB is verified. In the case of an organization, the account will be handled by an official representative from the organisation/business/company.

But we suggest creators to do proper verification when you are finalising any sponsorship deal. In the case of any violation of terms from any party ( creators & sponsors), we do not take any responsibility. But in such circumstances, as a platform, we will assist you as much as possible with our limited capacity.

Sponsors will grow ! Keep Sponsor Pitch Ready

As we just started sponsor feature at COLAB. A number of active sponsors will grow soon. There are many sponsors accounts are in the verification process and will be activated (visible) very soon at COLAB. Organisation like Journeyman Pictures are active at COLAB as Sponsor.

So if you are video creator/filmmaker/documentary maker and need funds then go ahead and create project & sponsor pitch. Also mentioned what kind of partnership and funding you are looking for in our sponsor pitch. Based on your pitch , we will also invite relevant sponsors at COLAB and notify you so that you can pitch them. So Don't Wait- Sign up and Create Sponsor Pitch Now !

How to Connect with Sponsors

Sign up and Create Project

(example screenshot below)

Create Sponsor Pitch

(example screenshot below)

Browse Sponsor and Pitch

So Start here and create your project -

Still Not sure ! Please chat with us in real-time. Option available at the bottom right side of the screen.

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