Introducing Projects at PipeCast

Hey Creators, recently we released our new Project Page design, hope you loved it! The idea is to have all important information related to your project in one place with ease to navigate through it.

So sign-in and create your first Project. If you haven't signed up on PipeCast Colab yet, do not worry, it is a very simple process. Just fill a signup form and complete your profile, and you are part of the community. :-) Also, it is absolutely free! Here is the link

If you are wondering what is PipeCast Colab all about, read on and you will know. Even if you are not a new user, this post will help you to understand the core idea behind creating your own Project.

New Project Page

1 - What is PipeCast Colab?

PipeCast Colab is a Collaboration Platform (a website) for Video Creators or any professional involved in any part of a video creation. In simple words, anyone who has some idea and wants to produce video can sign up and get started. We are a community of new comers as well as professional creators who belong to different skill sets like Video Editor, Musician, Director, DOP, Artist or Screenwriter. PipeCast Colab is a platform for all creative people.

Here you will connect with creators, out of your circle, whom you may have never met. So if you have any ongoing video project or want to start one, you can find creators here with specific skill sets to collaborate with you and help you in your endeavor. For this, you need to create a Project Page and share details with other Creators about your ideas and work. If you are a creative professional and looking for interesting project where you can put your skills to the best use, connect with the Project's Creator which interests you.

2 - What is a Project?

If your profile introduces you, a Project introduces the creative content that you are working on. A Project is the tool which helps you to connect your work with everybody else in the community. A Project will contain the idea, concept or plot for your video that you intend to create or produce. The Project can be a show, program, series, documentary or music video. For example – If you want to create a science video, you could start by creating a Project named 'Daily Science Magic', adding a tagline 'Learn Science in Fun Way', describing the concept behind your video, selecting a genre ‘Information & Education’, a category ‘Science’ and a type ‘Video’ and you will be all set to create your Project.

Another example - if you want to create a fictional thriller series, you could start by creating a project named 'Name of Series' , adding a tagline 'A Catchy Line to grab attention’, describing the concept behind your video, selecting a genre ‘Fiction’, a category ‘Drama & Fiction' and a type ‘Series' and you will be ready to go. One Project can have multiple videos as episodes or related videos. You need not create separate Project for each video/episode if you are planning to launch a show or series.

3 - Why it is important to Create a Project ?

By creating a Project, you are putting your idea or work out there, you are making it accessible for a larger audience to view and be a part of. You can also connect with other creators in PipeCast via direct message or by following them. However, creating a Project and sharing on what you are working on or planning to work on will give you ability to reach out to the right Creators who are actively looking to join other projects. Hence if you have any idea to produce video or are already working on some content, just create a Project and maximize your idea by utilizing the right people for it, which in long run could become your team. Also Read Our Post Why to create project at PipeCast here

PipeCast Colab is also planning to introduce Sponsors on the platform (brand/company/organizations) who are interested to fund projects. The importance of creating a Project will then double since the only way you can approach them will be with the help of your Project, displayed on our website.

So what are you waiting for :-) Just sign up and create your first Project

Team PipeCast

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