Launch Your Original Prime(Paid) Content @ Pipecast Stream

We are excited to invite Creators to Upload and Stream Paid Content in the format of Original Series, Shows, Documentary, Flicks at Pipecast Stream. But for free original content distribution, Learn More here

Here we explained how paid original content distribution works ?

Mode of Distribution

Pay to Watch - Available for 30 Days to Watch

Pay to watch is a video on demand/rent video online to viewers for a certain price. The viewer has to pay the price set by the creator to watch videos online . The viewer will have access to the video for 30 days after payment. No download option available for the viewer to protect content. Pipecast takes full responsibility to stream content smoothly without any disruption on any device. Learn More


100% free - Get 100% revenue on collection

Pipecast do not share revenue with Creator. Creator will get 100 % revenue after 'Transaction Cost' and 'Transfer Cost' deduction.

Transaction Cost ( applicable from Jan 2016)
[Flat 2% + Service Tax] for Indian User
[Flat 3% + Service Tax] for International User

The transaction cost is deducted by payment gateway on each transaction made by viewer.

Transfer Cost is transaction cost charged by our bank when we transfer revenue collection to the creator verified bank account via internet banking. We support international transfer to the creator of revenue. We also support Paypal transfer and we recommend this mode for transfer.

In the case of overseas transfer, (India to outside country) transfer cost will depend on upon geography and mode of transfer. We use Wire Transfer for Overseas transfer. Same for Paypal. Please connect at or chat here to learn more based on your country.

Learn More

No Paid Premium Account Required

Sign-up Free & Start. No Commitment - No Credit Card

You can start anytime. All you need is to sign up for free, add bank details , set price and upload. It is done. You can stop streaming anytime. There is no obligation to stream content for the certain minimum day. The creator had full control.

Secure & Reliable Platform

Viewer can enjoy videos on any device

Our video players and content delivery system make sure that viewers from any part of the world can watch videos on any device. Also, we make sure your content will be protected from piracy and copyright violation. We accept all payment mode including international users.

Geo Restriction Feature

Creator can restrict or select country/region for streaming

You can restrict any region to stream your content. For example, if you only want to stream your content in India, in few clicks you can enable it. Or if you want to stream you content only outside the USA ( except the USA) you can enable it.

Simple Agreement, No Paper Work

Agreement Obligation to Protect Creator Content

At the time of Uploading, the creator will generate agreement which has all our legal obligation to protect your paid content from any kind of violation. It is an agreement between Pipecast Technologies Private Limited India and Creator. Don't worry there is no hidden clause and all terms are very simple.

Revenue Collection

Creator Panel Show all details about transactions

The creator can see transaction details and the total amount collected at Pipecast. We receive collection(revenue) on behalf of the creator from viewers and transfer to creator verified bank account online on every 15th day.

Creator has to add & verify Bank Details
Screenshot below

Uploading Videos

Easy Steps to complete uploading

Click Upload Video, Accept mutual Agreement, Add Original Content Details and Start uploading. It is that easy !

Policy & Mutual Agreement
Screenshot below Learn More - FAQ & Policy

Create Original(Project) Page
Screenshot below

Add Video/Episode Details & Upload Video
Screenshot below

Set Pricing

Select Price from Creator Panel

At Creator Panel, Click Make Paid Button and Set the Price for your original content. If you are not sure what should be the price and need help, select the price range and we will suggest a right price based on the various factor.

Select Range to get suggestion
Screenshot below

Pay to Watch for Viewers

Viewers can pay from any device easily

There is all payment option available for viewers. We use trusted third party payment gateway approved by RBI & all certified institution

Let's start , Signup and start uploading Go to Pipecast

Not sure and have some query about pricing , transaction , bank transfer or anything , please send us an email at or chat with us here

Read all detailed FAQ and Policy about Paid(Prime) Content here

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