Launch Your Series, Show or Documentary with PipeCast!

PipeCast is working on to release its Streaming platform where viewers can watch and discover web originals in the form of shows, series or documentary. For more information read the post on PipeCast Stream

It will be a platform for viewers who are looking for viewers who want to watch Long Length Content ( series,show or documentary) but with quality and originality, which are now unavailable on Cable TV. PipeCast Stream will be alternative for Cable TV (Broadcast TV) for viewers.

PipeCast Stream has not launched yet. Right now we are looking for Creators, Partners who are thinking big and believe that they can compete with TV Channels. So if you already producing independent content and looking for distribution or you have big idea that you want to produce, connect with PipeCast. As first step, Sign-in as Creator at PipeCast Colab and create your Project and share your idea or plot that you working on or want to produce.

Launching (releasing your series or documentary) with PipeCast Stream as first few partners , we called it Premier Launch as it will be the very first time PipeCast Stream reach to the viewers too. As a part of the Premier launch, PipeCast and content creators will work closely as a team to make sure we reach to maximum viewers. There other many other perks in releasing your video with PipeCast as Premier launch.

Is it free? Can content creators release exclusive content?

From our end it is free ( always). There is no fees to upload or stream. Creator can release their videos in three ways at PipeCast:
1- Free
2- Free with Call to Action for Transaction
3- Paid Content (Pay for Exclusive)

In Free, there is free content and anybody can watch it.

In Free with Call to Action, it is a payment option if you have other projects or next season for which you want to ask funds directly from the viewers. For example, if you produce a documentary, you can release it for free but you can ask for funds for your next documentary project or may be the next part of that project.If people really like your current work, they will help you in raising funds. So make sure your first impression becomes the best impression in the eyes of the viewers.

Third option is Pay for Exclusive where viewers need to pay to watch full content.

So if you are Creator and want to know more about Premier Launch and PipeCast Stream, please join PipeCast Colab, our collaboration platform for video creators.

It is easy just sign up and create your video project(show, series or documentary) that you are working on.

Just sign up and create your first Video Project and take your first step to launch your series, show or documentary

Team PipeCast