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If you are video creators and want to launch (release) your original video content in the format of show, series, or documentary (Fiction or Non-Fiction) Online then our streaming service is for you !

PipeCast Stream (PipeCast 1.0 Beta) is Original Video Discovery Platform for viewers in the format of show, series and documentary.You can read more about it here Launch Your Series, Show or Documentary on PipeCast!

What are we offering to Video Creators

A Platform where you can

1- Launch your show or series ( free or paid mode) and get viewers rating to go for a full out season. For example, release your pilot episode or full season to build your fan base and viewer ratings. Use these ratings to find sponsors/investors to go big.

2- Release a Pay for Exclusive feature (Viewer will need to pay to watch your content)

We are Best fit for Video Content Creators who

1- Want to produce long length content (show or series fiction or non-fiction) and want to release pilot episode or in some cases a full season to validate the idea, in order to go for big budget in the next season or to complete a season.

2 - Already have produced the content and are looking to release as exclusive content on pay for exclusive model (Viewer will need to pay to watch the content). If you have full length independent film or short film and want to release pay mode then connect.

3- New Content Creators who are interested to produce quality shows or series and looking for right platform where they can find viewers who are interested to pay for long length content and give ratings/feedback.

4 - Documentary Filmmaker, Video Journalist, Educator, Science Communicator, Researcher who want to produce documentary, series or show (non-fiction) and looking for funds to complete their project. At PipeCast Stream, you can release your Mini Documentary or Pilot Episode and ask for funds from your viewers to complete your project. It will be new way for crowdfunding where there are chances for more conversion (viewer into fund), as you are only targeting viewers who are enthusiastic about these types of video content.

PipeCast Stream is a platform which aims to be an alternative for Cable TV Channel. So creators who always wanted to release content on Cable TV but failed due to the monopoly of big production houses, politics of tv channels and worst selection process, PipeCast Stream is here as your savior for a hassle-free way to success.

Team PipeCast
Our Email - contact@pipecast.co