Showcase your previous work as creative professionals

You’re in the midst of production — the style frames you designed were approved, the work-in-progress animations you’ve sent along to the client were received well, and you’re rapidly approaching the deadline. You’re really happy with how the project looks, and everything is working smoothly. The client is happy, too. This will be a great piece for your portfolio!

The Big Why

Think of it like this: As a professional, you are a business of one. When someone chooses to employ you, it is “purchasing” your business’ service. You can think of your professional portfolio as a marketing brochure for the services you’re selling. By showcasing your skills, abilities, and achievements, your portfolio helps your customers and prospects understand what services you provide and why they are special—and worth the purchase price!
A professional portfolio can help in any circumstance where you want to make a strong impression, provide proof of your value, and differentiate yourself from your competition.

What to Include

Your Skill set

What are your skills? What are you looking for? This is an important criterion for the other collabs to gauge and know you. Please make sure you give a little info on your skill set and wow the collabs for them to consider you.

Your Past work

Just claiming you have the skills would not do, You need to prove it. Pipecast Colab lets you link your past work through URL and media or even files . Upload your past work and show everyone that you are a legit professional.

Your current project

If you are a creator and looking to hire some talent here, you need to make sure you explain your project so that the applicants know what exactly they will be working on. So make sure you describe your project so that they can take a call if it is the right fit for them. So create project now - start here !

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Screenshot - Project

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