Sponsorship for Video Projects @ PipeCast Colab

Are you Video Creator and wanted to create/produce show, series or documentary ?

At PipeCast Colab, we are trying to bring sponsors/funders and list it @ Platform, so the video creators can pitch their video project directly. Sponsors can be production houses, brands, organisations, institutes, or individual investors. It will be a simple listing where you can browse sponsors and send sponsorship/funding request. Keep yourself tuned for more updates on this soon!

For now, we have some great news for Video Creators. Pipecast is planning to participate as a sponsor to fund some video projects, which are in the form of Show, Series or Documentaries only. It means we will select some projects and help them produce their pilot episode or full documentary.

How can you apply for sponsorship?

Follow these simple steps.

1- Create a Project @ PipeCast Colab (here)
2- Become a Feature Project
3- Apply for Sponsorship

How to become Feature Project?

1 - Your Project should have 3+ Collaborators. All collaborators should have a complete profile at PipeCast Colab (for example, profile image, introduction, skills and previous work).

Tips - For Collaborators, invite your team (existing Collaborator) at PipeCast Colab and add them as a collaborator.

2- Your Project should have an introduction, which should contain your idea/plot and your plan.

3- Your Project should have Introduction image (related to your project, should be created by you for your project).

4- Your Project should have an Intro Video or Trailer.

Tips - It is easy, shoot an introduction video with your team, discussing your plan, etc. Or you can produce a trailer for your project.

Now you are good to be a Feature Project at PipeCast. Once this is done, you can apply for sponsorship. Option to send sponsorship request will soon be added to your project page.

Example Project ( Ongoing Project @ PipeCast)

What are the other perks of becoming a Feature Project at PipeCast Colab?

If you are a Feature Project, then it will help you to get more visibility on the platform, which will help to get more collaborators and improve your network. You will be continuously featured by PipeCast Colab to all creators and in our social media network which increases your visibility and able to get more feedback & support .

We have very limited funds for sponsorship so we may not provide full sponsorship to cover your project production. Mostly, it will be a part of production cost. More details will be shared soon. We are also trying to figure out how a stable sponsorship model can be built, which can be replicated by other sponsors as well. So if you have ideas, share! :-)

Best Project Case for Sponsorship
  • Creators who already have a team and want to produce a series, looking for funds for Pilot Episode (First Episode).
  • Video Journalist or Filmmaker who are looking to produce the full-length documentary.

Not fit for a certain condition or don't have a team ? Give a try and create your project you may find some leads. So if you have an idea to create a video or already working on it, in any case, Create Project and share with PipeCast Community.

Sign in here (http://pipecast.in/colab) to access your account. Use Forgot Password link in case you don't remember your password. For the new creator, simply click on create an account and complete your profile and create a project.