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Hey Creators!

As you may already know (if not then we have news for you :-)), very soon we are going to launch our very own streaming service, a platform for viewers to watch and discover Web Originals. Web Originals are long length contents in the form of shows, series or documentary.

It is great news for everyone with a dream to produce a show or series or documentary. Content that was traditionally aired on Cable TV will now be available for the internet audience and reach the relevant viewer.

How PipeCast Stream Can Help Content Creator

Remember those days when Doordarshan had brilliant TV shows like Surabhi, Byomkesh Bakshi, Malgudi Days or Dekh Bhai Dekh? All soaps and serials aired during those days had content quality, a depth and engagement which forced us to watch each and every episode. These TV programs were not just a TV program but they had some impact on our lives too. It may not be visible but when we think about our childhood, these were a part of our lives. Non-fiction shows like Surabhi did have a lot of impact as they added to our knowledge and understanding. Most people nowadays watch TV, not because they are happy with the content, but because they do not have any other option. But the demand for quality content is still present.

Where are those shows now? Private cable connections provide you with many channels but there is hardly any shows with quality content and originality. One of the core reason for this is the lack of independence the creators (small producer) have who work for big TV channels. Big TV channels give limited time, limited funds and limited scope to content creators. How will a small group of people create quality content for few months on daily basis?

Now what are the options they have? For those content creators who dare to go independent and want to produce content online, it is impossible to get revenue or produce one full season of a show. In Youtube the length of the content is restricted and only viral content steals the limelight. Youtube’s revenue on advertisements are so unstable that one is forced into brand dealership or sponsorship. Again, who will sponsor a newcomer who wants to create long length content? When sponsors and brands have option to sponsor small length content creators (let’s call it freestyle content), they will not prefer for long length content web originals (like shows, series or documentary).

So what is the solution for these content creators?

The only options is to connect with viewers to help you in your funding. For many decades people are paying for Cable Network, and now we pay to subscribe to selected channels as package. So if approached in the right way, your viewers can be your new heroes. Single model will not work for every viewer but flexible models and micro payment can change everything. Some people prefer to pay monthly, some may prefer to pay for exclusive content or some may even pay yearly. It is all about making things easy, rich in quality and exclusive.

Imagine an ecosystem where viewers pay only for the content they choose for and the content creators and viewers connect directly.
How do we build such a model?

This is what PipeCast is trying to achieve here. Our aim is to connect content creators and viewers directly via internet. As the number of broadband connections are increasing, more and more people are connected and have access to faster internet.

PipeCast Stream is a platform where a Creator can release their content and viewers pay to view it. Content Creator can not only build a brand for themselves as a Network (Channel) like HBO or Star but also give the viewers the choice to subscribe only to the content they prefer to watch.

PipeCast Stream has a simple and open model. We will not own the content, we are just delivering and providing an infrastructure. A Creator can upload their content and build a flexible transaction model depending on different genre or category of content.

Producing content needs funding but creating the first episode or first part is possible with the help of strong team and networking which you can find at PipeCast Collaboration (Colab). Your pilot episode will help you to connect with sponsors who are ready to take the leap with you and ready to go the extra mile with you.

There are many more crucial things that PipeCast has to offer to Creators. So if you are a video creator with a zeal to produce shows like Byomkesh Bakshi, connect with PipeCast. Sign up on PipeCast Colab and create your Project. Let this be your first step towards your dream.

So what are you waiting for :-) Just sign up and create your first Video Project and take your first step to launch your series, show or documentary http://pipecast.in/colab