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We have all been used to watching Cable TV (broadcast television) most of our lives now. The presence of reality shows, live sports, news, movies and serials on the same platform was just irresistible. Many say it was one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. It was after all the easiest and cheapest way to be entertained, that too from the comfort of one’s home. Broadcast TV has been the undisputed king of entertainment worldwide for some time now. Can it still reign supreme with the birth of the Internet?

Broadcast TV has not yet differentiated between the rich and the poor. It has entertained the masses for decades now. But the quality of content shown on TV is always stagnant. Big studios with huge budgets decide what the audience wants, produce it and market it to get back their money. What people need is variety and high quality entertainment. They cannot be fooled for long by redoing the same material in a different way and running it for years together.

Today we have a solution to look forward too. It is the power of the internet. We can watch what we want at whatever time we want, on our mobiles, tablets or computers. We can go back and watch it again or skip parts of it. We have complete freedom to choose and moreover we can give feedback. Now whoever is producing the content can listen to your voice and cater to your needs. The best part is that you yourself can pick a story, take a camera and create content for the users around the world.

On the internet, everybody is an equal. You need to create quality content, to exist. Only the best wins, no money or influence can help you. It cannot get more democratic than this. It is a great opportunity for viewers to choose from a huge variety and creators get to showcase their material to the whole world. If you can search well, you will find something suiting your needs on the internet. On the other hand if you can consistently create quality content, yours will be next big production company.

PipeCast is offering a simple solution to a variety of problems. We are offering a platform for creating quality content with the help of creative collaboration. Let’s say goodbye to advertising and welcome an innovative practice where creators get paid directly ( no third party) and viewers can enjoy Ad free entertainment 24x7.

By Abraham Vargheese

Team PipeCast

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