Why colab is good place to find like minded team for video project

Starting a documentary requires a strong vision. You need to have a goal. Is it to get your script read and made? Is it to get your documentary made and monetised?

Once you have a strong vision of your goal you then need to create a strategy and execute it. Above all, you need a great team to help you execute it.

The Right Team

Why is the right team important? We all know the answer to this question! We need like minded people in the team who understands what you are trying to do and help you achieve it at a faster pace and for better results. But where to find the right team? How do you know if you have collaborated with the right people for your project?

Why Colab?

At Pipecast colab, you have the freedom to choose and build your own team! You get to collaborate with the amazing talent all over the world. Colab offers you to

  1. Create team:Connect with the like-minded people for your project

  2. Create Project : Create your unique project with your team

  3. Get Sponsors: Pitch your project ideas to our on board sponsors and get your project sponsored

  4. Showcase your project in the world through pipe cost stream

What we have, which others don't

So the important question going through all of your mind right now will be 'why should I choose Pipecast to build a team?'. We are here to tell you pipecast is not a regular job posting forum. Regular job posting platform does not serve your purpose, here we have to create a project and then you add requirements so people who finding posting they know about project enough and chances are more that relevant people send collaboration requests and will work with you. So the important steps for you as a creator to do to make sure you get the right people on board

  1. Create Project page: Create your project page and explain what exactly the project is about, so the explorers know what they are getting into before sending you the request.

  2. Post it in our requirement sections with the details of your project and what exactly are you looking for in the team

  3. Make sure you also actively send colab requests to the people you are interested in working with.


Screenshot - project page

Screenshot - searching creators

What are you waiting for, sign up and create an account right now! here

These were few pointers for you to ponder upon and understand what exactly we do and why we do it. We want you to have a better team for your project for it to be a great experience for everyone involved. After all, finding the right people will make it easier to engage in meaningful conversation and to make the most of the benefits of being part of a success.

Start here - http://colab.pipecast.co/

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