Why to create project at colab for your ongoing project

Colab is a video collaboration online platform for video creators ,artist, filmmakers, documentary makers, technician, video journalist, & creative professionals etc and It is totally free. Sign up here

If you are already working on a project and feel why do you need to join us, let me tell you why

Sharing and Branding

You already have everything you need for your project, we get it but what is wrong with using one more platform to showcase and brand yourself? As they say, Do not put all your eggs in a single basket! Use all the mediums and platforms which you can, who knows this might work out better than your previous endeavours.

Feedback from creatives

Since our platform is home to a number of creative professional from your field, you will get a technical and serious feedback if not anything else and you can work to make it better. A little honest feedback is a good thing for you and your project, right?


If you are at production stage then it will give you an advantage to collaborate with fellow creators. Doing things alone is not easy and you will need a team to help you execute your project.Also sponsors on our platform always browse projects so make sure you have given the info they need.Who knows, your project might get sponsored!

You can also use it

1 - To find work & collaboration opportunity in ongoing video projects
2- To find creators (team) for your video project (Series, Documentary, Flick)
3 - To pitch Video Projects to verified sponsors for funding in few clicks

Join Colab Now !

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So what are you waiting for? Create project and showcase your work to find collaboration and sponsorship today!

You can start here - http://colab.pipecast.co