Why to Create Video Project at PipeCast Colab ?

PipeCast Colab is a video project collaboration platform for creators, artist, technician and all creative professionals. If you haven’t signed up yet then please signup and create your profile as a Creator here. But if you have signed up already and wondering what is Project on our platform and why it is important to create or who should create Project then read on. [Project]is the one most important thing at PipeCast Colab ! (Here Creating Project means creating a project page for your video project to find creators for collaboration & more other things )

Why is Project important? Let's discuss it case by case.

Case 1 - You have not started a shooting, you just have an idea to create series, show or documentary.

Any creator who want to produce any video content (series , show or documentary etc) will have many ideas & concept in their mind. Some of them might be brilliant ideas and some not .

Here, at PipeCast, you can share your ideas with other creators and get feedback. "Creating Project at PipeCast" is your first step. Creating Project means creating a project page which will have all the information about your idea and will act as the bridge between you and other Creators (potential collaborator). You can find like minded Creators and ask for collaboration by sending them a collaboration request.

At Pipecast, Collaboration Request (Colab Request) is a process where project Creators can approach certain other Creators (if they match with his expectation based on their profiles) and request to be part of his project as a collaborator. Similarly, any Creator can send request for collaboration to project Creators if they like the idea of the Project and are willing to be a part of it.

Very soon the Project page will be your point of contact to the sponsors/funders and when we launch our streaming service, PipeCast Stream (link to a blog for intro of streaming service), you can directly upload and manage your video content via your Project page.
In technical terms, the Project page is your admin panel which combines all activities in one place. So if you are in phase of Pre- Production of any video project then you should create a Project in PipeCast Colab.

Case 2 - You are already working on a video project?

So if you have already started working on some video project in the past and you are in active pre-production process, soon going into production, then creating Project becomes even more important for you in PipeCast. To speed up the process and to reduce the cost of production, you will need a team, a team which believes in your ideas and is willing to collaborate with you.

For example, if you want to make a kids show, you need creators and professionals who are interested in producing content for kids. Because if you are to compete with the TV cable content, you have to be good in quality and fair to the viewers. To find content Creators who are interested in the same area, is very hard in your offline circle. You have to find these Creators outside of your circle, in your city or may be out of your city.

Here at PipeCast Colab, you can find and connect with these Creators with the the help of your Project page. You can pitch in your idea (which you are working on) to make them your project collaborator. This process builds a team for your Project (link to explain collaboration in pipecast). In your Project page, you can find Creators and ask them for collaboration by clicking a simple button. You can add intro message too with the request.

Case 3 - If you are in production or already produced the content, in the process of post - production.

If you have produced some part of the video or teaser or one episode, then it is very important to create a Project because at this stage, you need feedback and sponsors/funders. So with the help of your Project page you can share your initial footage or teaser and ask for feedback from the Creator community as they can give you quality feedback (may be some technical feedback).

At this stage you may want to connect with experienced professionals for help to get things done (some process that need more expertise). You may be able to produce some part of your video but need funds to complete it. In future, Pipecast will connect your Project directly to potential sponsors/brands so you can directly pitch in the sponsors . For that you need to have a Project page with all important information and public footage. Project page will be your point of contact to sponsors/funders.

Sponsors and Funders also can search for projects. So if you have a project page with all possible details about your ongoing project, then they can approach you as well.

Case 4 - You are looking for funding or sponsors or co-producer for your video project

Create Project page and prepare pitch for potential sponsors. Learn More here - How sponsorship works for video creator

Case 5 - You already produced your content ( a pilot episode or first part of series or full documentary ) and are ready to release it.

If you have video content which is ready to go live, you can distribute it via PipeCast Stream. To launch videos , just create project and go to launch tab and launch video. To know more about Pipecast Stream Read here.

So don't wait and just sign up and create your first project at PipeCast Colab . Go to PipeCast Colab and sign up .

Team PipeCast