You are a creative professional then why create an account at Colab?

PipeCast Colab is a Video Project Collaboration Platform where you can start your video project (show, series or documentary etc) and find creators for work & collaboration. Or you can join other projects for work & collaboration. We explained in one of our posts in details that if you are video creator and want to produce video, then why to create project at PipeCast Read Here.

At PipeCast Colab, we are trying to build a community of Creators to push video projects and collaboration for these projects. The idea is to simplify pre-production process and find a great team which is genuinely interested in the project. We are trying to build an ecosystem where it is easy to take the first step towards your dream video project.

Here in the post, we are trying to explain why you may want to join the PipeCast Colab Platform, if you are a creative professional or video creator.

If you are an Video Creator, Filmmaker, Artist or Technician, you will be able to connect with interesting Video Projects that you may not find otherwise.

There are many creators who wants to produce online show, series, documentary, etc. but need a passionate team to work with them. Also, there are many group of creators and small production houses who want to produce big video projects independently. We are here to provide a platform to achieve it.

Here at PipeCast, you can find these projects and send collaboration request.

1- Showcase your previous work to make your profile look better. It will help you to receive more collaboration requests.
2- Find interesting Project for work & collaboration.
3- Follow Projects based on your interest to get updates about requirements & progress.

PipeCast Colab can help you to grow your network out of your personal circle

Networking is a powerful thing. More people you know or have access to connect, more opportunities you can explore. In personal social networking, it is hard to find people outside of your network or sometimes you find hard to differentiate personal & professional friends but here at PipeCast Colab, you can follow and connect with new creators and build your own professional network.

1 - Follow other creators to increase your network.
2 - Engage with communities by sharing posts to increase your followers.
3- Help other projects and creators by referring profiles & projects, sharing posts, etc.

If you are a Video Creator/documentary maker/filmmaker (or want to produce originals)

You can start your project and take the first step towards producing your content. You can also join other projects and collaborate. Creating Projects is the most important feature of PipeCast Colab for video creators. Read more about it here. Doesn’t matter if you have just an idea or you are in pre-production or in post production stage, creating a Project can do wonders for you.

1- Create Project and take the first step towards creating your original series, show or documentary.
2- If you already working on some project, then Create Project and share progress & updates of your project to get feedback. Add List of Requirements to receive collaboration requests.
3- You can create a pitch and pitch your idea to potential sponsors/funders.

If you are an aspiring video creator or not from the creative industry or have an idea or concept to produce series, show or documentary

The main idea behind PipeCast Colab is to empower Creators from every aspect of the field to produce video content, in some cases, big video projects like independent show, series or documentary.
To help the Creator take the first step towards achieving this dream goal -- dream to produce a quality video content in the format of show, series, documentary, etc, dream to create drama or fiction show or science/technology based program or hard hitting journalism talk show or thought provoking documentary -- PipeCast Colab has the feature to Create Project and pitch your idea in the community to build a team.

1- Create Project and share your idea.
2- Add Introduction Video to pitch your idea to build a team.
3- Engage Creators with posts, images, videos and ask for Collaboration.

So if you are related to creative industry or want to produce video, creating account at PipeCast Colab will help you to grow and achieve this.

At PipeCast Colab, Creators can also pitch video projects to sponsors/funders. Learn Morehere

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